June 13, 2015

Moving from Wordpress to Jekyll

I wanted to write a blog about linking two docker containers running django and postgresql each. I have been using wordpress.com for hosting the blog and am not satisfied with the code blocks. The indentation doesn’t look good in python. Moreover, you can’t install additional plugins on blogs hosted on wordpress.com Hence, I started hunting for some free options!

I have always liked the username.github.io thing that a lot devs use and I started searching for a how I can create my own GitHub page. I knew it was free but thinking of designing sounded crazy! As it’s easy to guess, I am really bad at designing. I love backend more! :)

I was surprised when I learnt that Jekyll takes away all the designing pain and we can write the blog in markdown format. I have always liked markdown. Yes, it’s tricky at times. But I can usually find my around it.

Creating a Jekyll powered github page is a really simple task. It barely takes few minutes to have things up and running. In fact, there are so many amazing jekyll themes that my maximum time was spent in deciding which one of the amazing themes should I use! ;)

I ended up using the lagom theme. Thank you Matt Swanson for the minimal yet beautiful theme!